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Political Correctness Gone Mad?

November 15, 2017

In this day and age of political correctness on steroids, one must choose carefully what to post, either for your own personal message or for a client.  I understand that the whole movement of being correct was to ensure everyone is treated with equal respect; that no one demographic would be given an unfair advantage.  I get it.  It's actually a fairly noble and socialist ideal.  Will it ever work? 


I would like to say yes, if we persevere, it will go through.  Someday, in the hopefully not too distant future, we may all come to appreciate one another and not have to deal with social inequities at all.  And all because we refrained.  That would be nice...




















...however, that bright, shiny, utopian future is probably way further out, if at all.  In the interest of being correct and fair, we have actually started censoring ourselves and being censored.  I don't mean in the good way, like the old saying goes "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything".  That's a golden rule.  I mean in a brutal, shaming, sometimes violent, way.  We all saw instances of violence while scrolling through our Facebook and Twitter feeds during the heated presidential campaigns back in 2016.  


What I find truly alarming is this trend toward muzzling is becoming worse.  And what's really freaky is that a goodly amount of this shaming is from people who call themselves "liberal". I consider myself a liberal, and a huge part of that philosophy is "Live and let live".  When Ben Shapiro was a guest lecturer at Berkeley last month, police showed up in great numbers.  Wow.  For a conservative speaker, mind you, not a raving lunatic.  Hm.  


Ideas can be dangerous things if handled improperly.  Let's all think on that while we carefully post our next comment.

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