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The Utter Importance of Spellcheck!

April 24, 2018

First off, congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on the birth of their third child, a son.  No name has been officially announced at this time.  The mother and child are reported to be doing fine.  I give great kudos, mad props, etc., to Kate for standing out on the steps of the hospital, looking chipper and wearing high heels, EIGHT hours after giving birth.  Unless she's one of those kind of women who can spit out children with relative ease (I doubt it), this meant a lot of make up, a hairstylist and lots of ibuprofen!  Our insatiable curiosity needs to be curbed so that woman can get a break.


That being said, I was right on Google, typing "Kate Middleton news today" when this typo from a major news source caught my eye!  Whoever was responsible for the metadata description is probably red-faced at this point.  It makes me wonder if the person who did this was handling other stories that also needed to be posted, and this was only one in a long line of news items that had to get out.  


Now I'm not saying that I never let typos slip through my fingers; those are endemic of writing - period.  I usually discover my flubs after I've published something or sent a message that can't be retrieved!  At least in publishing for a blog, I can always rapidly edit, hopefully before anyone notices!  But you see my point:  this error is something that could have been easily remedied by using a spellcheck app, and now shall define this person's journalistic style for at least...oh, 15 minutes!


So, next time you're posting a special, an interesting news bit or just sharing a pic with a description, double check your message and make sure it looks clean, because there's always someone, such as myself,  who will be quick to point out a typo that implies sloppy work.  (Sorry!  I can't be the only one...)


Here's to all your spelling and grammatical errors remaining in the rough drafts!


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