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A Project for You - and Me!

April 28, 2018

 Everyone loves a good yarn; but as a business, what would you consider a good read?  If you’re in the industry of making widgets, this may be a hard call.  It’s old hat to you; however, have you ever watched a how-it’s-made program on television or a podcast?  Do you think the employees or CEOs that had to give the narrative think of their jobs as newsworthy?  Most likely, these programs were not conceived by them.  It was an interested outside party. 


This is the hard part.  Step outside of your role as business owner.  Think about your business day and how it progresses.  What daily hurdles are you clearing to produce your services/products that no one would have a clue about?  Preparing your gear? Vendor relations? Client relations? Daycare woes? Employee spats?  Surprisingly, the human-interest side of your business would probably make for good reading.  Consider the overwhelming television programs that are currently so popular.  They’re “reality” shows.  Granted, I doubt they’re very “real” anymore, but you get it. 


Caveat:  The one subject I wouldn’t touch with a 10-ft. pole would be financial issues - but that’s my take.  That would depend on the image you want to project.  Personally, I would suggest minimal drama, unless you’re going for the reality show touch, and that also depend on your product or services AND your personality.  For my services and products, that would not work.  My goal is to remove as much as drama as possible from my clients' busy schedules.


Now that you're getting fired up, what format do you want to use?  Live video?  Photo montage?  Written?  See how fun this is?  Yes, I'm being serious!  Again, think of your audience and whose business you want to attract.  Is your ideal client going to cringe if you drop a few f-bombs when you accidentally cut yourself while crafting a product while filming that live podcast, or will a more polished, edited look appeal to them?  All good questions that only you can answer.


Since sitting down and writing this, I believe I will be approaching my clients and asking them if they want “A Day in the Life” photo montage/film of their businesses, because I can offer it and it would be fun.  That’s how a creative idea sneaks up on me sometimes!


What do you think would benefit your business image?