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Let's Go Organic! or, Tips to Get Around Facebook's New Algorithms

May 16, 2018

As of January 11, 2018, Facebook responded to an ongoing survey using input from hundreds of thousands of participants.  They were asked how they felt about the content in their newsfeed, and the response was that they wanted to see more stories from friends and family and less sponsored content.   That resulted in Facebook’s biggest change to date, including how their algorithms work and what shows up in your newsfeed.  How does this affect you as a small business owner and what can you do to get your message in front of your clients, current or potential, using only an organic reach? 


In this general overview, I will go over some of the basics I have researched that will get you results.


First, let’s identify where your customers are likely to be.


62% of consumers use Facebook

12% of consumers use Pinterest

11% of consumers use Twitter

9% of consumers use Instagram






                                                                                                             Source:  G/O Digital June study



The numbers indicate that Facebook is the reigning king of social media, with its closest competitor a distant second, so we’ll focus on it for now.  Never worry, - most of the advice in this post will work in other platforms.  It’s all good.


As part of the new algorithm search, Facebook will limit posts:

  • That are getting too much negative feedback, such as post hiding

  • That are overly promotional

A good formula to use for promotional to observational/humorous/uplifting posts is 80/20. Make 80% of your posts fun, informational or current/trending topics and uplifting, and 20% business advertisement.  When posting your content, make sure it encourages interaction; customers want to share content that puts them in a positive light.


Consistency is key!  Posting doesn’t have to be every day, especially if this will compromise the quality and relevance of the messages.  Be mindful to have a good rhythm for the frequency, and your audience will intuitively start looking for your posts.  Remember, 58% of consumers engage with a Facebook or Instagram ad at least once before spending money with a small business.*  It’s very unlikely that a client will purchase your goods or services after seeing a promotional post only once.  So, keep it up!


When scheduling posts, do it directly through Facebook, no outbound links.  When uploading that video you worked on all day (or week, or longer…), upload DIRECTLY to Facebook – no YouTube links!  Facebook doesn’t want to share and using an outbound link will get you a limited organic reach, and all that creativity you wanted to share will languish.  No one wants that.


It’s not rocket science, but it sure does a business good to keep up with these updated rules.  I hope these tips help!


*Source:  G/O Digital June study