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A Quick Caveat

May 21, 2018

When you hire someone to build and/or maintain your website, please ensure you are in possession of all the usernames, passwords, platform information, host information, access to the control panel, the FTP (file transfer protocol) platform, if used, any other programs used in the design elements, and anything else involved in the creation of the website.  This may seem like a lot of confusing and unnecessary information, but the last several prospects I spoke to were in a quagmire of confusion regarding their online status.  The person who published and/or maintained their website was no longer available, and the information online was wrong, outdated or just a plain mess. 


Ask these question when hiring your website developer/manager.  If the person or company in question will not let you access this information, do not use them.  It'your business, your money and, therefore, your property.  




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