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February 16, 2019

The last several months I have been BUSY!  Even though I don't post frequently, I would like to thank the readers of this blog for hanging on. <3


Today, I want to talk briefly about image and SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  With these quick fixes, you will be found much easier, so let's get right to it!


1.)  The first point to keep in mind is relativity.  What message are you trying to convey?  Do they tell a story?  Does it reflect your personality or business core values?  Choosing the right image, either one you take yourself or stock photography,is tantamount to successful posting and getting the business you want.  

2.)  If using stock photography or pictures taken from your latest Nikon or Canon, image size can be a problem.  Have you ever gone to a website and had to wait while the images downloaded?  How many of you stuck around to see the end result?  If you're like me, that's an immediate turn off.  So what can you do if you don't have Adobe Photoshop?  There are online compression services such Optimizilla or Compress JPEG that you can use to optimize your images for the internet so there is no lag.  


3.)  When posting to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, don't use the in-app camera.  You won't be able to edit the details.  The example below shows how the details of an image taken with an android camera can be modified, to include the title and tags.  Those two details are extremely important.  The search engines can't "see" your image, they can only read the information you've attached.  Alt text, when available, is the more referenced value by web crawlers, so make sure you always use a succinct description.  In the example, there is no "Alt Text" option, so use "My Tags".  

And what if you're using those high resolution images from your regular camera, and not an android?  Same rules.  You can access the image info by right clicking on your picture, and from the pop-up window select "Details". 


With these three tips, you will be found quicker, by the right prospective client, which will lead to more business.





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